Compost - Dairy Doo

$ 7.99

DAIRY DOO can be used to amend soil in and around vegetables when that soil needs a good kick. The biology available in DAIRY DOO creates an inviting environment for organic matter that will boost your vegetable plants. DAIRY DOO is an amendment and should not be used for direct planting.

Compost needs vary by garden type and soil conditions, but 1 cubic foot of compost per 20 square feet is a good baseline. Add a small amount to your pots or containers and watch the plants spring to life. And don’t worry, DAIRY DOO is very low odor. 

For the best results and the happiest plants, you should consider combining Dairy Doo with a granular amendment mixture. We've got a special blend available here: FERTILIZER.

*This product meets the NOP guidelines for Organic Production

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