Adopt a Hive

Have you ever wanted to keep your own bees, but couldn't find the time, space, or money? Our innovative adopt-a-hive program allows you to experience the thrill and satisfaction of helping the bees without having to get stung or invest in a bunch of equipment. Plus, you get honey!

We recognize that beekeeping is not for everyone, but everyone needs honeybees! And here on the farm, we could always use a hand - especially as we work to provide the most ethically produced, cleanest, and honest-to-goodness tastiest honey money can buy! We want to give you and/or your family an opportunity to share in the rewards and responsibility of maintaining a hive on our farm. 

Our adopt-a-hive program allows individuals to purchase a share or shares of a beehive on our farm. Each hive is divided into 12 shares, and can be adopted by the share, quarter hive, half hive, or whole hive. As an adoptive hive parent, you will receive periodic updates on the hive's progress throughout the season, a photo of the queen, a tour of your hive (if proximity permits), and 2 to 24 jars of honey, depending on your share of the hive. 

One hive share ($44) receives 2 jars of honey

1/4 hive share ($132) receives 6 jars of honey

1/2 hive share ($256) receives 12 jars of honey, 

Whole hive share ($472) receives 24 jars of honey, chooses the queen's name, and her hive's name 

 We work hard for our bees, and our bees work even harder. And they don't ask for anything in return. We feel obligated to deliver our bees the best life experience possible, which is why we plant over 10 acres of flowers just for them, never treat their hives with any chemicals, and don't haul them off for pollination contracts in chemical-laden orchards and monocrops. This hands-on management comes with a price, but we believe it is an investment well-worth the cost and would welcome your support. We thank you, and the bees thank you. 

Helping the bees never tasted so sweet! 

Click HERE to adopt your hive!