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The Bear Creek Organic Farm Spring Plant Sale 2018! This event is our favorite time of year when we welcome hundreds of gardeners to our farm and greenhouses to shop for organic transplants.

We'll have over 200 varieties of organic plants available! (Complete List will be posted soon!)

Over 100 varieties of tomatoes and peppers! Plus dozens of varieties of herbs, beneficial flowers, strawberries, and just about every vegetable you can imagine from Acorn Squash to Okra, Cucumbers to Green Beans!


Open Daily May 17th - June 3rd

Grand Opening, Thursday May 17, 10am - 6pm

Mondays - Thursdays: 10am - 5pm

Fridays: 2pm - 6pm

Saturdays: 9am - 6pm

Sundays & Memorial Day: 10am - 4pm


Bear Creek Organic Farm

4012 Atkins Road

Petoskey, Michigan 49770

We are 2.5 miles east of Petoskey on the south side of Atkins Road


Because local farms, local food, local business, and local relationships matter. Because we work our tails off to make this Plant Sale and your garden a success. Because we are passionate about helping our community grow their own food with the highest-quality plants available. Because you deserve the best!


Plant Sale FAQs

What makes our Spring Plant Sale special?

We grew these plants. It sounds so simple, but it's a big deal. In a world where most plant sellers are not plant growers, this matters. The plants at big box stores and garden centers are trucked in from other parts of the country - but not ours! We picked each plant variety for our (Northern Michigan) climate; we planted these seeds with our own hands, on our own farm; and we've tended to these baby plants for weeks, and months, before they go home with you. 

Do organic plants make a difference?

They do. Aside from being free from harmful chemicals and fertilizers, we believe there is a key reason why organic plants are so essential for home gardeners. The key reason is this: most home gardens are generally organic gardens. Why this matters is because many plants at big box stores and garden centers have been raised on an IV-drip of synthetic fertilizer since they were seedlings. It's all they know. So, the minute a plant that's "juiced up" on synthetic fertilizer joins most of our garden soils, they suffer major transplant shock and sometimes never recover. But rest assured! Our USDA Certified Organic transplants are raised in an organic compost-based potting soil, from seed to transplant. We never fertilize our plants while they are in their containers, which means they will grow at a steady pace appropriate for organic gardening conditions, setting them up to thrive once they join your garden or container. 

Where can I get good compost for my plants?

At the Plant Sale! It's a Bear Creek tradition - BYOB organic compost! That's Bring-Your-Own-Bucket! We have a big pile o' compost that is professionally made, certified organic, and you can fill your 5-gallon bucket(s) up for $3/each. As many buckets as you wish! 

What if I want to get my plants first but my garden isn't ready yet?

Don't worry - we've been there! The best solution is to become a Bear Creek Member today! For only $15, BC Members save 10% off all of their Plant Sale purchases, but most especially - they're offered a chance to shop the sale before the general public and NEW this year - we're offering a Layaway service, where you can select and pay for all of your plants as early as you want - and we can take good care of them until your garden or Mother Nature is ready for you! It's like a kennel for your cabbages, valet for your verbena, stowaway for your strawberries, checked baggage for your basil - you get the idea! 


Download a Printable PDF of our Official 2018 Organic Plant Sale Guide Here!