Plant Sale HELP

When trying to Place a Pre-Order:

Pre-Orders - this is new this year to create a contact-free shopping option.

(Placing a Pre-Order allows you to send us your list of exactly what you would like to purchase. We will process these pre-orders and collect your items to make available for on-farm pickup. This contact free option costs $10 and requires you to complete the official Bear Creek Plant Sale Pre-Order Form and submit it to us via email or snail mail. Once we receive your order, we will collect your items, generate a payment link, and send you a digital invoice to process payment. Once payment has been completed, your order will be released for pickup at the specified date.)


Whether or not you place a Pre-Order, we HIGHLY recommend clicking here to print out a handy price list and shopping guide!

We carefully curated this Order Form to move along sequentially with our Lookbook. Chapter by Chapter and Plant by Plant, you can use both documents simultaneously!


How to Place a Pre-Order in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Download the Pre-Order Form below.

2. Fill it out.

3. Send it back to us!

4. We process your order and send you a payment link via email.

5. You come pick up your order when we tell you it's ready!


1. You may download the form as a PDF or an Excel File below.

2. You may complete it in Excel in the appropriate columns or print out the PDF and write your information with a pen.

3a. On the Digital Front, you may send us an email with your scanned PDF, a photograph of your pages, or a completed Excel file.

3b. On the Analog Front, you may send us your order form via US Mail or drop off your order form in the black box on the inside of our Customer Lobby. 

4. Complete the payment link and your order moves onto fulfillment.

5. We will contact you when your order is ready for pickup!

You did it!


Pros and Cons to Pre-Ordering


Your order is contact-free.
You window-shop our Lookbook and place your order in the comfort of your own home.
You save a shopping trip and receive curbside service.
This service only costs $10.
You grow a great garden with awesome plants grown with love!
We get to see you and thank you for your support!


You don't get to ask questions and see the plants ahead of time.
You cannot change your order once it has been submitted. (Though you may place subsequent orders)
Every item is not available for Pre-Order.
You pay $10 for this service.
We may run out of certain plants before your order is processed.
We don't get to see you and thank you in person for your support!