Organic Black Garlic

$ 3.99

Our famous organic Black Garlic is now available for shipping direct from our farm to your home! Each bulb is carefully produced on our farm and made from our high quality garlic bulbs. 

Black garlic is a uniquely complex artisan food that is unlike anything you've had before. Slowly fermented over a period of weeks, our black garlic delivers an umami-richness, caramelized garlic clove with all of the awesome health benefits of garlic without the garlicky taste, garlic breath, and sharp bite. Each clove has more of a dried-fruit consistency, easily spreadable and an awesome addition to many dishes or as a standalone topping on toast or cheese plates alike. 

While many eastern cultures have myths of black garlic providing immortality, vigor, and eternal life - we can't guarantee eternal life but we can ensure that the taste will leave you pleasantly surprised, excited to share with friends, and coming back for more!

Better yet, black garlic can store for 12 months in refrigeration.

Pricing is per bulb, 5-count, 10-count, and 50-count, shipped direct from the farm. 


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