Lavender - Culinary (USDA Organic)

$ 5.99

Harvested fresh and incredible aromatic, our Fresh Culinary Lavender bunches are JUST what your kitchen and home need! Our English Lavender is Certified Organic, incredibly aromatic, and absolutely delicious!

Whether you're baking shortbread, making lemonade or cocktails, making essential oil or hydrosols, or just need some fresh bunches around the house and in the bathroom, our Organic Culinary Lavender is perfect! 

Bunches are fresh-harvested and will continue to dry down. Keep stored stem-side up to ensure maximum oil content during drying. 

Bunch sizes vary naturally, but range from 10-15" tall and weigh between 4-8 oz (this will reduce as they dry down). Contains 50-100 stems per bunch.


Pricing is per bunch, per 5 bunch and 10 bunch, shipped direct from the farm. 


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