Our Team

Brian Bates - Farmer/Owner

I'm From: Northern Virginia 

Favorite Crop: Garlic

Favorite Tool: Calculator

When I'm not on the Farm I'm: at the beach, on a boat or bike, traveling near and far, visiting other farms, spending time with friends & family, loving this life!

Why Farm?

Because I want to be a part of a sustainable future and because I like to see tangible results of my actions. I think the act of growing food is amazingly simple and complex at the same time. Farming leaves a thousand problems that need solving and no two days or seasons are ever the same. I like working with my hands, seeing the fruits of my labor, and being part of feeding our community.

Anne Morningstar - Beekeeper/Owner

I'm From: Indiana 

Favorite Crop: Sunflowers, Herbs...do Honeybees count?!

Favorite Tool: Hive Tool

When I'm not on the Farm I'm: creating, designing, cooking & baking, hiking, and bike-riding. 

Why Farm? 

Because I love the lifestyle, food, being outdoors, keeping bees, bringing community together with food, and getting inspiration for art and lesson plans.

Cory - Assistant Farm Manager

I'm From: Harbor Springs, Michigan

Favorite Crop: Edible Perennials

Favorite Tool: My hands

When I'm not on the Farm I'm: eating.

Why Farm? 

I find farming to be very therapeutic. There's just something about the combination of working in the dirt with my hands, and growing great food that everyone enjoys, that brings me a sense of tranquility.


Amber - Assistant Farm Manager

I'm From: Petoskey, Michigan

Favorite Crop: Tomatoes

Favorite Tool: 

When I'm not on the Farm I'm: hunting, fishing, kayaking.

Why Farm? 

Because it's interesting, rewarding, and essential for us to live!